Frequently Asked Questions

What is traditional Chinese medicine and how does it work?
Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the great healing systems of the world. It has had more than two thousand years to build its knowledge base which includes acupuncture, herbal medicine, gua sha and tui na therapy. It focuses on maintaining both physical and mental health, regulating the whole body function.

Does acupuncture have any side-effects and is it safe?
In my 25 years experience, I have observed only the positive effect of a deep, healing relaxation during the treatment. Many patients are amazed how miraculously well they feel afterwards. I use only single use, very thin, sterile needles and dispose of them in accordance with the appropriate regulations.

What is Chinese herbal medicine and is it safe?
Chinese herbal medicines are especially effective in most complicated conditions. They come from natural roots, stems, twigs, tubers, rhizomes, bark, leaves and flowers allowing easy digestion and absorption. Our herbal medicine granules are subject to strict quality control, and meet international GMP standards. I have been prescribing herbs since 1990 and I have full confidence in their effectiveness and safety.

Do you give lifestyle advice?
Chinese Medicine has a concept that it is not only about treatment; it also encompasses the science of preventative medicine. In order to achieve this, Chinese doctors have developed complex methods which help them to analyze the entire human body and make an assessment of what might be about to go wrong before the onset of illness. I will be happy to arrange a consultation and discuss your personal wellbeing.